We’re a young family with 2 kids. Our favorite place in Mexico is the Mayan Riviera, and we keep going back to it. We’re not fans of visiting big, over-developed cities. We’re basically looking for a nice week of relaxation with minimal effort involved. Following our first trip there, we returned three times to the same place; that is how addicted we were!

Why the Mayan Riviera every time you ask? What does it offer that other destinations in Mexico don’t?

The answer is simple: The beach is our biggest consideration, and the Mayan Riviera has white sandy beaches, and is at a comfortable distance from the main cities; it is closer to some beautiful Mayan ruins and offers a healthy choice of ecological parks (on every trip, we’ve chosen to visit a different one). The other coast (Pacific side), on the other hand, has yellow sand beaches, and the water is not as calm as it is on the Mayan side.

Within the Mayan Riviera, there are options to lodge in either of these areas: Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Conzumel.

Conzumel is still largely untouched and undeveloped, and can therefore, be a tad expensive, but it offers the best facilities for water activity lovers. The crystal waters own a mammoth number of species for those who love to snorkel or scuba-dive. But we just want to relax!

Playa del Carmen is known as the hub of nightlife and shopping within the Mayan Riviera. That too, we are weary of. Enough of Saturday night binges, and I play my fair share of being a material girl in a material world, all year long. This week has to be special.

We, therefore, always prefer to stay in Tulum, which overlooks Mayan ruins, offers competitive accommodation packages, not to mention, of course, a stunning beach.
But I get it – everybody has their own considerations. Choose whichever area you will, but choose the Mayan Riviera at least once. I’m guessing you’ll want to keep coming back!


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