A visit to the ‘Forbidden Land’ (Israel & Palestine)

By Madeeha Anwar

I had a dream of visiting ‘Jerusalem’ for as long as I can remember. I had inherited this love for Qibla e Awwal and Jerusalem from my parents especially my dad, who was an avid traveler and had a strong wish to visit Jerusalem but couldn’t; because he was a Pakistani passport holder. I wish my father Chaudhry Khurshid Anwar was alive to see this day, Unfortunately, we lost him in 2014 (may his soul rest in eternal peace), Ameen.

When I came to the US, I pledged to myself to visit this revered city as soon as I’d receive my blue passport. In December 2016, a few months after becoming a US Citizen, I visited Israel and prayed at Masjid e Aqsa, Dome of the Rock (Qubbatussakhra), roamed freely in the old streets of Jerusalem, felt the auspicious history in the oldest cities known to human civilization; Bethlehem, Hebron (AlKhalil), Dead Sea and Jericho (Ariha) and got a chance to interact with the locals, be it Muslims, Christians or Jews; and discovered that everyone had their own stories of a sacred, unique and holy connection to this land.
It was an amazing experience to be at a place which was so unfamiliar to us and where not many Pakistanis were able to set foot before.

I’ve arranged (below), a pictorial glimpse from my long-awaited journey to Israel.

The author is a multimedia journalist and web editor with Voice of America.


Travel with Kids

A new baby brings with it, unexplained joy; also hard work that you can’t prepare for. A roller-coaster ride is what it is. Eventually, new parents do desperately seek a break. As did we.

In the fall of 2014, our son was due to start school. So a few months prior, we decided to go to Dubai to recoup, in an attempt to relax tense nerves and sore muscles – moreso myself than my husband. Travelling with a child is something a lot of parents are very scared of. Let me tell you: don’t be! If you plan right, it will all be well worth it.

In Dubai, we booked ourselves a room at Sheraton, Mall of the Emirates. This was good decision number 1. A hotel attached with a mall was something we needed at the time. Our tot was fond of afternoon naps. So we’d casually step out whenever we wanted, roamed around the mall, found ourselves an eatery, and when Mr. Cranky Pants decided it was time to unleash his super powers, we’d stroll right back to our hotel room. Late in the evenings, my husband and I would take turns watching movies at the in-house cineplex.

When out sightseeing or in the mall, we’d always take along the baby buggy. This was good decision number 2. It wasn’t an umbrella stroller. It was a heavy weight travel system with a large basket to carry along baby food and goodies. We had also accessorized the buggy with little toys to keep our kid entertained – when he decided to stay put. He otherwise loved running around. But the buggy still served as a nice alternative to restroom facilities for quick diaper changes in a discreet corner or for when tiny legs needed some rest…or for carrying shopping bags!


The Dubai trip was just what the doctor ordered. We couldn’t do the desert safari because we were with an underage child. My husband muffled his excitement in Wild Wadi as he went solo. But this trip was just what the doctor had ordered. We ate and ate, watched movies, shopped a bit, entertained our kid plenty. It was a winning potion.

6 months later, we found ourselves in Thailand. Bangkok was hot, crowded and disappointing. Phuket though, was a mixed bag of nuts. Our hotel there was Grand Mercure. It boasted a separate swimming pool for children, which was a big hit with our 3 year old. This was good decision number 3. Choosing a hotel with a pool and/or a kids’ club or play area, will be well worth the additional moolah.

The inevitable was to happen. We booked an island hopping tour. This was a bad decision. Waking up your child in the wee hours of the day, hopping from one van to another, from one boat to another, from island to island, in sweltering heat was hard on both mother and child. He did eventually warm up to the beach and emerald waters but in hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend such tours with small children.

Soon after our son turned 4, it was London time. His obsession with “Big Ben” was contagious. By this time, as our child’s full dependence on milk and bananas had given way to home cooked, desi food, and his total aversion to fast food and pastas was evident, the three meals of the day were to be my biggest challenge. So while this trip was being planned, I was clear in the head: I needed kitchen facilities. We booked the Staybridge Suites in Vauxhall, This was good decision number 4.




Our first morning in December London was spent doing groceries in Iceland – the supermarket of our choice. We loaded up: stocked our cabinets, fridge and freezer with ready-to-bake, ready-to-cook, ready-to-heat options, juices, veggies, spices and condiments. DSC_0072We had 10 chilly London evenings where we would return to a cosy kitchen. This was good decision number 5. When travelling with children, we learnt it paid off to stay put in one big, entertaining city.






Here is some proof.


Some Istanbul Inspiration

We stopped over in Istanbul on our way to and from Canada, back in 2016. It was a good decision. A very good one. Going from Pakistan, Turkey offers a refreshing break midway through an otherwise taxing transatlantic journey.

Equipped with some new, self-acquired photography skills, the city proved to be an ideal subject for a novice as myself. The landscape and architecture on display in Istanbul requires very little effort beyond point-and-shoot. Enjoy and hopefully, be inspired!

Photo Essay: Baku, Azerbaijan

Outside the entrance of the Shirvanshah Palace in the Old City
Sehrli Tendir: A restaurant famous for its breakfast. This woman is known to make the best bread around this area.
A beautiful street in the Old City.
Karvansaray Baku
Open Museum
Philharmonia Park: a copy of the Monte Carlo Casino
Gobustan: Old rock carvings and formations
Good Morning! The view from Sahil Hostel’s balcony
Sheki Khan Palace in Sheki
Inside the Sheki Khan Palace, Sheki
Ichersheher (Old City)

By Maryam Haq

The contributor is from Pakistan. She loves to travel, and when at home, cooks amazing food.