How to use the London Pass

For a first-time traveler, or for anybody who hasn’t mastered the art of maps and time-management, London can be over-whelming. It would suffice to say, there’s a month’s worth of attractions for the avid tourist. And distances are aplenty. How does one manage then? Luckily, the city’s got a great network of underground tube stations. We devised one excellent, super efficient way to use it.

Step 1: Buy a London Pass. Websites like London Town will sell them online. Get a 3-day pass.

Step 2: Have your heart set on marking every possible inch of territory. That’s what we did, when we were in London last June.

Step 3 (hot tip!): Mark all points of attractions by tube lines. On the day that we were taking the Circle line, we marked all places that were close to stations on that yellow line. And on that one day alone, we managed to cover places like the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall. All of these were adjacent or close to stations on the Circle line, and therefore, it meant that we could cover the maximum attractions without having to waste time changing lines or catching buses.

And of course, get up early! Most of these places will deny you entry after 4 in the afternoon.