Montmartre or Notre Dame?

Paris enchants anybody who ever sets foot on her. My own experiences have been no different. The city seems to grow on me, every time I’m there – not that it didn’t leave an impression the first time around. One of the best things about a city like Paris is that it always has something new to offer, even if it is your fifth or sixth visit. The usuals on any traveler’s itinerary are Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame cathedral. And true, your trip would be incomplete without paying them rich tributes!

On my fourth trip to the city though, I finally set foot in the Latin Quarters, and what a beauty! An uphill trek through crowded streets, selling everything from crepes to Chinese cloth, take you to the point that eyes the rest of the city. There, sitting proudly, the Montmartre Cathedral, tickled my bones. What splendor, what beauty – Roman arrogance, standing in all its might and glory! The Montmartre Cathedral is a sight to behold. I personally found it more enchanting than the almost mythical Notre Dame. You can disagree, but you still shouldn’t miss it! I certainly wouldn’t want anybody to. It’s as white-washed as new, as if showing Catholic pride, and even the neighborhood generates more of an Italian feel with its flea market, than it does Parisian.

And yes, some friends of mine climbed the hundreds of stairs that led upto it. You don’t have to. I repeat, you don’t have to! Once the cathedral comes into view, turn left and take the funicular that awaits you. Or curse Paris forever…haha!