Free UAE Transit

Any kind of visa free or visa on arrival entry is good news for green passport holders, especially.

Back in 2008, as we embarked on our first Euro tour, we had an 8 hour layover in Dubai. At the time, we were offered a free transit visa into the UAE at the airport, not to mention, at no cost. So there is hope that once the new, relaxed visa regime comes into play, Pakistanis will qualify as will so many others.

As per the UAE’s local cabinet, passengers wishing to transit in the country for upto 48 hours will be able to do so free of cost via several of the country’s major hubs like the Dubai and Abu Dhabi International Airports. To stretch that count to 96 hours, a small fee of 50 Dirhams (around Rs.1,600 today) would apply. Given that Pakistanis currently pay a minimum of around Rs.10,000 for entry into the UAE, this is a game changer.

The mother-cum-traveler in me is busy concocting plans already. Baku, on its own, was never an interesting enough option. But once the new transit rule is unleashed, I am thinking 3 to 4 days in the Dubai Parks and then, some Azeri loving…. Some for the tot, some for the not-so-tot. Any takers?